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王九龙/Jiulong Wang, Ph.D.

Department of Big Data Technology and Application Development

Computer Network Information Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Email: jlwang@cnic.cn

Educational background and work experience

2021-present,Postdoctoral, Computer Network Information Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Department of Big Data Technology and Application Development

2018,Visiting scholar, Department of petroleum engineering, University of NorthDakota, USA

2012-2021,PhD of Fluid Mechanics, University of science and technology Beijing, School of Civil and Resource Engineering

2008-2012,Bachelor of Environmental Engineering, University of science and technology Beijing, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Research Interests

Oil and gas big data

Intelligent oil field

Flow mechanics

Unconventional oil and gas development

Reservoir numerical simulation method

Nano-microscale flow simulation


In Journals

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Granted Patent

[1]宋鹂影,宋洪庆,都书一,王九龙,于明旭. 一种基于渗流控制方程的储层纵向非均质性评价方法[P]. 北京市:CN112016212B,2021-08-03.

[2]岳明,宋鹂影,宋洪庆,宋田茹,王九龙,都书一. 基于物理约束的DL模型预测致密油压裂范围的方法[P]. 北京市:CN112818591B,2021-08-03.

[3]宋洪庆,张启涛,李正一,都书一,王九龙.一种基于机器学习的油田剩余油饱和度分布的预测方法[P]. 北京市:CN110807544B,2020-10-13.

[4]岳明,朱维耀,邹国栋,宋智勇,韩宏彦,宋洪庆,杨连枝,王九龙.一种预置径向孔注蒸汽热采三维物理模拟实验装置[P]. 北京:CN206888966U,2018-01-16.(实用新型)

Patent Pending

[1]朱维耀,武男,王九龙,孔德彬,岳明,高玉宝,刘文超,王继强. 一种油藏驱替单元划分方法和装置[P]. 北京市:CN113408220A,2021-09-17.

[2]岳明,宋鹂影,宋洪庆,宋田茹,王九龙,都书一. 基于物理约束的LSTM模型预测页岩油产量的方法[P]. 北京市:CN112819240A,2021-05-18.

[3]岳明,宋洪庆,宋田茹,王九龙,都书一. 一种基于深度学习的致密油藏改造效果评价方法[P]. 北京市:CN112633328A,2021-04-09.

[4]岳明,朱维耀,邹国栋,宋智勇,韩宏彦,宋洪庆,杨连枝,王九龙.一种预置径向孔注蒸汽热采三维物理模拟实验装置和方法[P]. 北京:CN107060713A,2017-08-18.