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谢驰宇/Chiyu XIE, Ph.D.


School of Astronautics

Beihang University

Email: xiechiyu/at/buaa.edu.cn

Work Experiences

Professor (2024-)

School of Astronautics @ Beihang University

Associate Professor (2022-2024)

School of Civil and Resource Engineering @ University of Science and Technology Beijing

Technical Consultant (2020-2021)

Total E&P USA, Inc., Houston

Postdoctoral Fellow (2018-2021)

Center for Subsurface Energy and the Environment @ The University of Texas at Austin

Visiting Researcher (2015-2016)

Pore scale modeling group @ Imperial College London


Doctor of Engineering (2012~2018)

Department of Mechanical Engineering, School of Aerospace, Tsinghua University

Thesis: Pore Scale Modeling and Multiscale Analysis of Non-Newtonian Multiphase Flow in Micro Porous Media   

Bachelor of Engineering (2008-2012)

School of Energy and Power Engineering, Huazhong University of Science & Technology

Thesis: Mechanism and Experimental Investigation of underfill flow in a circular flip-chip

Research Interests

●Interfacial dynamics

●Non-Newtonian fluid mechanics

●Multiphase flow in porous media

●Pore-scale modeling and microfluidic experiment

●Multiscale strategies (molecular →mesoscale → core scale → fieldscale)

●Artificial intelligence in fluid mechanics


1.gif   2.gif   3.gif

Lattice Boltzmann modeling of three-phase flow

8.png     9.gif         10.gif    11.gif

                                         Multiphase transport in porous media                                 A falling droplet on a plastic wall

                                                                                                                                  (Experiment .vs. modeling)

4.gif   5.gif   6.png   6.png   7.png

Newtonian                          Viscoelastic                          Newtonian                          Viscoelastic

Bubble rising processes in Newtonian & Viscoelastic


In Journals

1. C. Xie, J. Zhu, H. Yang, J. Wang, L. Liu and H. Song*. Relative Permeability Curve Prediction from Digital Rocks with Variable

Sizes Using Deep Learning. Physics of Fluids, 2023.

2. C. Xie, J. Zhu, J. Wang, J. Yang and H. Song*. Direct Prediction of Relative Permeability Curve from 3D Digital Rock Images

Based on Deep Learning Approaches. International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences. 170: 105544, 2023.

3. H. Song, J. Lao, H. Yang, B. Pan, L. Liu and C. Xie*. The pinning dynamics of a non-wetting droplet penetrating a permeable

substrate. Physics of Fluids, 35(6): 062107, 2023.

4. L. Cha, Q. Feng#, S. Wang, S. Xu and C. Xie*. Pore-Scale Modeling of Immiscible Displacement In Porous Media: The Effects

of Dual Wettability. SPE Journal, 28(01): 239-250, 2023.

5. C. Xie, X. Li, W. Qu, R. Ji, J. Wang and H. Song*. Numerical prediction of Portal hypertension by a hydrodynamic blood flow

model combing with the fractal theory. Journal of Biomechanics. 150: 111504, 2023.

6. C. Xie, S. Du, J. Wang, J. Lao and H. Song. Intelligent modeling with physics-informed machine learning for petroleum

engineering problems. Advances in Geo-Energy Research, 8(2): 71-75, 2023.

7. L. Liu, S. Chen, L. Feng, J. Zhu, J. Zhang, L. Zhang and C. Xie*. A novel distributed order time fractional model for

heat conduction, anomalous diffusion, and viscoelastic flow problems. Computers and Fluids, 265: 105991, 2023.

8. C. Xie, P. Qi, K. Xu, J. Xu and M.T. Balhoff*. Oscillative trapping of a droplet in a converging channel induced by elastic instability. Physical Review Letters. 128: 054502, 2022.

Find permanent trapping and oscillation of droplets in viscoelastic fluids (PRL 2022)

9. C. Xie*, P. Qi, K. Xu, J. Xu and M.T. Balhoff. A new mechanism of viscoelastic fluid for enhanced oil recovery: Viscoelastic oscillation.

Advances in Geo-Energy Research, 6(3): 267-268, 2022. (Research Highlight)

10. H. Song, J. Zhu, C. Wei, J. Wang, S. Du and C. Xie*. Data-driven physics-informed interpolation evolution combining historical-predicted knowledge for remaining oil distribution prediction. Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, 110795, 2022.

11. C. Xie, W. Lei, M.T. Balhoff, M. Wang* and S. Chen. Self-adaptive preferential flow control using dispersed polymers in heterogeneous porous media. Journal of Fluid Mechanics. 906: A10, 2021. (Front Cover)

Comparison of the displacements of oil by dispersed polymer and by water (JFM 2021)

12. L. Cha, C. Xie*, Q. Feng#, and M.T. Balhoff. Geometric criteria for the snap-off of a nonwetting droplet in pore-throat channels with rectangular cross-sections. Water Resources Research. 57: e2020WR029476, 2021.

Geometric criteria for the snap-off of a nonwetting droplet in rectangular pore-throat channels (WRR 2021)

13. C. Xie* and M.T. Balhoff. Lattice Boltzmann Modeling of the Apparent Viscosity of Thinning-Elastic Fluids in Porous Media. Transport in Porous Media. 137: 63–86, 2021.

Thickening of Thinning-Elastic Fluids at high shear rates in Porous Media (modeling .vs. experiment)

14. L. Mejia, M. Mejia, C. Xie, Y. Du, A. Sultan, K. Mohanty and M.T. Balhoff*. Viscous Fingering of Irreducible Water. Advances in Water Resources. 153(5): 103943, 2021.

15. C. Xie*, K. Xu, K. Mohanty, M. Wang and M.T. Balhoff*. Non-wetting droplet oscillation and displacement by viscoelastic fluids. Physical Review Fluids. 5: 063301, 2020.

The oscillation of a non-wetting droplet displaced by viscoelastic fluids due to the elastic turbulence (PRF 2020)

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Pore-scale results demonstrate that merely shear-thinning effect does not contribute too much for conformance control in heterogeneous rock

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The upscaling strategy from LBM to the pore network simulation (AdWR 2017)

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Absorption Effect on Evaporation Flux Distribution (Langmuir 2016)

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Two-phase Co-current Bingham flow (Simulation .vs. Analytical solution) (JNNFM 2016)

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The phase-field LBM with evaporation scheme to determine when does the gravity effect become negligible at smaller sizes (JCIS 2016)

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In International Conferences

1. Oral: Hydrogen underground storage in reservoirs: pore-scale mechanisms and optimization. 84th EAGE Annual Conference & Exhibition, June. 04-09, 2023, Vienna, Austria.

2. Oral: Lattice Boltzmann Simulation of Droplet Trapping and Oscillation by Viscoelastic Fluids. 31st International Conference on Discrete Simulation of Fluid Dynamics (DSFD 2022), Aug. 22-26, 2022, Suzhou, China.

3. Oral: Geometric criteria for the snap-off of a non-wetting droplet in pore-throat channels with rectangular cross-sections. 14th International Conference on Porous Media & Annual Meeting, May 2022, Abu Dhabi & Online.

4. Oral: Non-Wetting Droplet Oscillationand Displacement by Viscoelastic Fluids. Computational Methods in Water Resources XXIII, December 2020, Stanford University, USA. (Best Young Researcher Presentation)

5. Oral: Lattice Boltzmann Modeling of the Apparent Viscosity of Thinning-Elastic Fluids in Porous Media. 12th International Conference on PorousMedia & Annual Meeting, Aug 2020, Online.

6. Oral: Self-Adaptive Preferential Flow Control Using Dispersed Polymers in Heterogeneous Porous Media.AGUFall Meeting,December 2019, San Francisco, USA.

7. Invited talk:Surface Flux Distribution of an Evaporating Sessile Droplet. 2017 EMN Meeting on Surface& Interface,May 2017, Jeju,Korea.

8. Poster:Shear-thinning or Shear-thickening Fluid for Better EOR? — A Direct Pore-scale Study. 9th International Conference on Porous Media & Annual Meeting,May 2017, Rotterdam, TheNetherlands.

9. Oral: Lattice Boltzmann Modeling forMultiphase Yield-stress Fluid Flow.1st International Conference of Microfluidics, Nanofluidics and Lab-on-a-chip,June 2016, Dalian, China.

10. Oral: Predictions of Relative Permeability for Low Permeability Reservoirs and its Scale Effect. SPE Asia Pacific Oil & Gas Conferenceand Exhibition, October 2016, Perth, Australia.

11. Oral:Pore-Scale Modeling of Non-Newtonian Fluid Displacement in Microporous Media. 7th International Conference on Porous Media & Annual Meeting,May 2015, Padova, Italy.


Non-Newtonian Effect on Relative Permeability

12. Oral: ModelingEvaporation of a Small Drop on a Horizontal Substrate. 12thInternational Conference on Nanochannels, Microchannels,and Minichannels, Aug 2014, Chicago, USA.

13. Oral: Mesoscopic Modeling ofGravity Effects on Drop Evaporation on a Horizontal Substrate. 13thInternational Thermal Engineering Conference of Tsinghua-Seoul-KyotoUniversities, Nov 2013, Beijing, China.

14. Oral: Lattice Boltzmann model forthermal conduction in composite materials with thermal contact resistance. 10th International Conference forMesoscopic Methods in Engineering and Science, Jul 2013, Oxford University, UK.

Honors and Awards

2020             Best Young Researcher Presentation Award                        CMWR 2020 Conference, Stanford

2018             Outstanding Graduates of Tsinghua University                              Tsinghua University, Beijing

2016             National Prize for Graduate Students (top 5%)                             Tsinghua University, Beijing